Decking planks
• Various local and imported timbers available.
• Planks generally 20mm in thickness from 65mm to 145mm in width.

Joists are 114mm x 38mm C.C.A treated V.5 Structural pine, layed out with centres of 400mm on top of bearers. As the 114mm x 38mm will only span a distance of 1,700 Different size joists are used for a greater span (See Sundecks) Joists are toe nailed to the bearers using 4' galvanised nails.

Gumpoles are set in concrete approximately 400mm deep. Depending on the height of the deck, it may need to be deeper. They are C.C.A impregnated.

Wood Sealer
Unless otherwise specified by the client, we use Rystix products; Armadek is a waterbased product and Rystix Exterior wood sealer an oil based product. Colour options such as Brown, Oak, Imbuia, Mahogany and Clear are available. Before laying the timber, it is given a coat on all sides and ends to ensure all round protection. The screw holes are plugged with the same wood and the deck sanded and prepared for another 3 coats on the surface. Lighter timbers can be stained before being sealed.

Wood Oil
Oil is another popular option, as it enhances the natural colour of the timber and is easy to apply and maintain. We use Satinwood 28 by timberlife which has the necessary anti-insect and anti-fungus properties.

All construction is in accordance with SA Building Standards.
All workmanship carries a one year guarantee from date of completion.

This can be done by ourselves or by the client.

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