Timber Flooring

We specialise in fitting Tongue & Groove Rhodesian teak, Rosewood, light oak and many more available solid timber floors, as well as laminated flooring.

Our Floor Fitting Options:-

Elastilon - Elastilon is a unique underlay system that has a one sided adhesive layer which the flooring is fitted to.

Baton down - Batons are fixed to the concrete surface at centres of 400mm. The floor planks are then secretly nailed to the batons. The floor is sanded and sealed with a durable floor sealer. Total height is approximately 58mm.

Glue down - A level and smooth concrete surface is essential for this method. Glue is spread over the concrete surface, followed by the laying of the floor planks. It is then sanded and sealed. Total height is approximately 20-25 mm.

Mezzanine floors - Mezzanine floors are constructed inside a house, either as a loft room or where the second story is completely constructed from timber beams and the floor laid on top of this.

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